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Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community

Creating opportunities for our future

Our Indigenous strategy, Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu, outlines our commitment to creating higher education and leadership opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and valuing Indigenous culture.


We offer a range of initiatives to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples who dream of studying with us, including our pre-tertiary outreach programadmission pathways and scholarships and other financial support.   

Our services and facilities also include study spaces, academic workshops, ongoing tuition and accommodation support, as well as mentoring and other networks for new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students settling into university life.

Cultural competence is a major priority in our 2016-20 Strategy as we strive to make Sydney a truly inclusive, culturally diverse and distinctively Australian university where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are part of our identity.


Mitchell Gibbs, PhD candidate in marine biochemistry, explains what it’s like to study at Sydney as an Indigenous science student.

We acknowledge the tradition of custodianship and law of the Country on which the University of Sydney campuses stand. We pay our respects to those who have cared and continue to care for Country.


Online academic tool reveals 10,000-year old Ngaanyatjarra culture

The launch of a shared online portal depicting rarely seen Aboriginal artwork, stories and knowledge will next week bring people from a remote Western Australian community together with University of Sydney and Redfern communities.


Join our dynamic and evolving community

Indigenous employment is a key focus for our university. We support our professional and academic staff to realise their career ambitions and encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to consider a career with us.


  • The Quadrangle, the University of Sydney NSW 2006 Australia

Office hours

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Wingara Mura-Bunga Barrabugu - creating a 'thinking path to make tomorrow'.


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